horry county booking and release

horry county booking and release

Horry County Booking and Release is a process that is undertaken by the Horry County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina. This process involves the arrest, detention, and release of individuals who have been accused or convicted of committing a crime within the county.

The booking process involves the collection of personal and identifying information of the accused individual, including their name, address, date of birth, physical description, and fingerprints. This information is recorded in a database, and the accused individual is then placed in a holding cell until they are released or transferred to a correctional facility.

During the release process, the accused individual is provided with their personal belongings and any necessary documentation, such as court orders or release papers. They are then released from custody, either on bail or with a court date to attend a hearing.

It is important to note that the booking and release process is conducted in accordance with the law and the rights of the accused. The Horry County Sheriff’s Office ensures that all individuals are treated fairly and with respect, regardless of their status or alleged crimes.

In conclusion, the Horry County Booking and Release process is an essential component of the criminal justice system in South Carolina. It serves to uphold the law, protect the rights of the accused, and maintain public safety within the county.